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Talent Coaching offers players and coaches a unique platform consisting of knowledge and ideas that intends to assist you in your future development.

The ambition is to maintain an updated platform that upholds communication with interested.

Svenska Välkommen till Talent Coaching

Talent coaching erbjuder dig som spelare och tränare en unik platform med kunskap och idéer för er vidare sportsliga utveckling.

Därutöver är ambitionen att kontinuerligt uppdatera samt upprätthålla kommunikation med intresserade.

Ismet Harbuzi

Ismet Harbuzi
After having played football for many years on elite level, I began quite early with coaching. During a two years’ time, I worked fulltime as a youth coach in MFF (Malmö Football Club, a prominent club in Swedens highest division, the Allsvenskan).

My assignments were among other things to lead teams and exercise individual players. On a club level I have coached Croatia, then in division two.

I have lived in Holland for approx. four years and been a part of Feyenoords organization. There I worked actively with scouting and guidance of talents.

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